$$2\pi r=n\lambda$$


                in a motorcycle cage
                rev & let

tussle breaks
circling about a brawl
in wound-up fisticuffs

cufflinks off & cuffs rolled up
bare knuckles
crack & beating/eggs on

revolve)r rifle through &
through thorough, though
thoughts (nod) all high caliber

                         wheel spoke
covey or buckshot

copper's copter overhea(r)d
                         partial to heel, spur –
                         heel spurs & holes
                         spurs poke in
                         cowhide, cowpoke, heal

birl burlesque tassels
              gas(p) or meddle
couple, duly noted in accord

covalent ménage à)bandon
for wanton
                in' flagrante delicto

a tom tom [sic]
a (quirk) tonic
     (   a   )propos protean

elect on cloud crowd's
nuke: lay us (raising, razing, raising walls)

part I call: truce
              (stars about




The title equation describes atomic orbits.
Published under the name Jeanette Karhi in The Grove Review, 2008, Vol. 2, No. 2